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Welcome to the Two Rivers OA Intergroup Website Welcome Home Two Rivers OA Intergroup Meeting #09690 343 16th Street, PO Box 177 Moline, IL 61265
Welcome to the Two Rivers OA Intergroup WebsiteWelcome Home Two Rivers OA Intergroup Meeting #09690343 16th Street, PO Box 177Moline, IL  61265






In all its proceeding the Quad City Intergroup shall observe the spirit of the Overeaters Anonymous tradition, taking care that the Intergroup never becomes the seat of wealth or power; that sufficient operating capital, plus reserves, be its prudent financial principal; that none of the Intergroup members ever be placed in a position of unqualified authority over any of the others; that all important decisions

be reached by discussion, vote and whenever possible, by substantial unanimity; that no Intergroup action ever be personally punitive or any incitement to public controversy, that though it may act for the service of Overeaters Anonymous Groups in the Quad City area, it may never perform any acts of government, and that like the Fellowship of Overeaters Anonymous, the Intergroup itself will always remain democratic in thought and action.



The name of this organization shall be Quad City Intergroup (hereinafter referred to as "QCIG') of Overeaters Anonymous (hereinafter referred to as OA).



The purpose of the QCIG shall be the administration and coordination of OA activities common to the various Local Groups comprising its membership. These activities include:


  1. Furthering the OA program in accordance with the Twelve Steps, the Twelve Traditions and the Twelve Concepts of OA Service, which are as follows:

The Twelve Steps:

1. We admitted we were powerless over food- that our lives had become unmanageable.

2. Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.

3. Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood him.

4. Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.

5. Admit to God, to ourselves and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs.

6. Were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character.

7. Humbly asked Him to remove our shortcomings.

8. Made a list of all persons we had harmed and became willing to make amends to them all.

9. Made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others.

10. Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong, promptly admitted it.

11. Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God as we

understood Him, praying only for knowledge of His will for us and the power to carry that out.

12. Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, we tried to carry this message

to compulsive overeaters and to practice these principles in all our affairs.


These steps cannot be amended by the intergroup.

The Twelve Traditions:

1. Our common welfare should come first; personal recovery depends on OA unity.

2. For our group purpose there is but one ultimate authority- a loving God as He may express

Himself in our group conscience. Our leaders are but trusted servants; they do not govern.

3. The only requirement of OA membership is a desire to stop eating compulsively.

4. Each group should be autonomous except in matters affecting OA as a whole.

5. Each group has but one primary purpose- to carry its message to the compulsive overeater

who still suffers.

6. An OA group ought never endorse, finance or lend the OA name to any related facility or

outside enterprise, lest problems of money, property and prestige divert us from our

primary purpose.

7. Every OA group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions.

8. OA should remain forever non-professional, but our service centers may employ special


9. OA, as such, ought never be organized; but we may create service boards or committees

directly responsible to those they serve.

10. OA has no opinion on outside issues; hence the OA name ought never be drawn into public


11. Our public relations policy is based on attraction rather than promotion; we need always

maintain personal anonymity at the level of press, radio, films, television, and other public

media of communication.

12. Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all these traditions, ever reminding us to place

principles before personalities.


These traditions cannot be amended by the intergroup.

The Twelve Concepts of OA Service:

1. The ultimate responsibility and authority for OA world services reside in the collective

conscience of our whole Fellowship.

2. The OA groups have delegated to the World Service Business Conference the active

maintenance of our world services; thus, the World Service Business Conference is the

voice, authority and effective conscience of OA as a whole.

3. The Right of Decision, based on trust, makes effective leadership possible.

4. The Right of Participation ensures equality of opportunity for all in the decision-making


5. Individuals have the right of appeal and petition in order to ensure that their opinions and

personal grievances will be carefully considered.

6. The World Service Business Conference has entrusted the Board of Trustees with the

primary responsibility for the administration of Overeaters Anonymous.

7. The Board of Trustees has legal rights and responsibilities accorded to them by OA Bylaws

Subpart A. the rights and responsibilities of the World Service Business Conference are

accorded to it by Tradition and by OA Bylaws Subpart B.

8. The Board of Trustees has delegated to its Executive Committee the responsibility to

administer the Overeaters Anonymous World Service Office.


9. Able, trusted servant. together with sound and appropriate methods of choosing them. are indispensable for effective functioning at all service levels.

10. Service responsibility is balanced by carefully defined service authority: therefore,

duplication of efforts is avoided.

11. Trustee administration of the World Service Office should always be assisted by the best standing committees, executives, staff and consultants.

12. The spiritual foundation for OA service ensures that:

a.  no OA committee or service body shall ever become the seat of perilous wealth or


b.   sufficient operating funds. plus an ample reserve, shall be OA's prudent financial


c. no OA member shall ever be placed in it position of unqualified authority:

d. all important decisions shall be reached by discussion, vote and. whenever possible, by substantial unanimity;

e. no service action shall ever be personally punitive or an incitement to public

controversy: and

f. no OA service committee or service board shall ever perform acts of government,

and each shall always remain democratic in thought and action.

These concepts cannot be amended by the intergroup.


  1. To establish and maintain a mailing address. providing services to the local groups within the Intergroup, always keeping within the framework of the Twelve Steps. Twelve Traditions ,and Twelve Concepts.
  2. To provide a format for the selection and screening of nominees for the positions of Regional Representative to Region Four Assembly and Intergroup Delegate to the World Service Conference.
  3. To offer assistance and encourage the formation of Local Groups.
  4. To encourage unity within its area of operation.


QCIG will conduct regularly scheduled meetings at a time and place designated by the  QCIG members.*  A special meeting may be called at any time by a majority vote of the QCIG Executive Committee or by at least one- fourth (25%) of the registered QCIG Representatives (hereinafter referred to as IR). Notification of special meetings of QCIG shall consist of phone calls or written notices prepared by the QCIG Secretary to be mailed to each registered IR and Executive Committee member at least one (1) week prior to the date of the meeting.



The membership of the QCIG shall consist of all Quad City members, outlying area members and of one IR or Alternate from each Local Group desiring to affiliate with the IG along with the members of the Executive Committee, RR's and the WSBC Delegate. The Local Group is defined as the following:

1.  As a group  they meet together to practice the Twelve Steps, Twelve Traditions and the 'twelve Concepts of OA Service.

2.  All who have a desire to stop eating compulsively are welcome in the group.

3.  No member is required to practice any actions in order to remain a member or to have a voice (share at a meeting).

4.  As a group, they have no affiliation other than OA.

A. Those I Rs or Alternates are deemed members of the QCI provided that each Local Group       has registered them with the QCI Secretary.

B. The selection of IR's and Alternates to QCI shall he determined by the Local Group which        they represent.

C. The IR's which represent each affiliated Local Group shall serve a one year term.

D. The IR's or Alternates have an obligation to keep the Local Group which they represent informed about all meetings of the QCI and its actions, activities and services.

E. The IR's and Alternates always remain subject to recall by the Local Group they  represent.

F. It is the responsibility of each Local Group to maintain contact in writing or phone calls with the QC'I Secretary to make certain that the Intergroup Office receives any and all necessary information, complete with accurate mailing addresses, regarding changes in I R or Alternate status.



Any person attending any meeting of the QCIG has the right to be heard

A. A quorum shall consist of all members of the voting body who are present.

B. The voting body is: the registered IRs or Alternates from each Local Group and shall be

entitled to one vote each

C. Each Executive Committee member. RR and WSBC Delegate shall be entitled to one vote in

all Intergroup meetings

D. Any Local Group may send as many observers as it wishes to any QCIG meeting who shall

have voice but no vote.

E. A simple majority of voting members shall govern for voting purposes unless otherwise

specified within these Bylaws

F. Each voting member is entitled to one vote only, no matter how many positions he/she holds

in the QCIG and needs to be present vote.

G.That we vote in compliance within the OA Bylaws.



The service positions of the Executive committee will be comprised of the Chairperson, Co-

Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer. The WSBC Delegate is Ex-officio.

A. The Chairperson ,shall:

1. Preside at all QCIG meetings:

2. Develop the agenda for all meetings,

3. Make necessary arrangements for all meetings:

4. Serve as ex-officio member of all Intergroup committees:

5. Arrange for an acting Chairperson to preside over meetings which he/she cannot attend.

B. The Co-Chairperson shall:

1. Presided over meetings which are not attended by the Chair.

C. The Secretary shall:

1. Maintain accurate minutes and records of all QCIG and Executive Committee Meetings:

2. Maintain accurate records of all affiliated Local Groups and their registered IRs and Alternates:

3. Notify all IRs and Alternates of all special meetings of the QCIG.

4. Will notify each group, in writing, after their IR has missed 2 consecutive meetings.

D. The Treasurer shall:

1. Maintain a checking account established in the name of the Quad City Intergroup –

Overeaters Anonymous:

2. Be a guardian of all funds received and disbursed:

3. Submit a written report at all meetings of the QCIG regarding all contributions and


E. Executive Committee shall conduct a semiannual audit.

F. Each outgoing officer shall work with the new incoming officer for at least two months.

G. The QCIG shall be Jointly responsible for all communication within the Intergroup.

H. Should have a current copy of Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised present at each

QCIG meeting



A. Biennial election of Service positions of the Executive Committee shall be staggered electing a Co-Chair and Treasurer on the odd year and a chairman and Secretary on the subsequent even year. The election of the Regional Representative will continue to be elected on the odd year.  These elections are to he held at the October Intergroup meetings.

B. Nominations of any regularly attending member of this voting body shall be made from the

floor for positions of Chairperson, Co-Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, and Region


C. All members elected to the Committee shall serve for a term of two full years.

D. To be eligible for election to the QC Executive Committee, a person must, at the time of


1. Be regularly attending OA meetings within the Intergroup area for at least six months,

2. Have a minimum of six months current abstinence from compulsive overeating and

faithful adherence to the Twelve Steps, Twelve Traditions and the Twelve Concepts of

OA Service.

3. Must have an awareness of the possible time, expense and travel involved in service as a QCIG member.

E. Qualifications of Regional Representative include:

1. Attend all meetings of Region IV Assembly.

2. Report to the monthly meetings of QCIG on the activities of Region IV.

3. Serve as a spokesperson for QCIG in Region IV.

4. Must have an awareness of the additional possible time, expense and travel involved in service as a Regional Representative.

5. Be regularly attending OA meetings within the IG Area and have I year current

abstinence prior to the date of election.

6. have a current copy of the Region lV Bylaws at all QCIG meetings.

7. To present all receipts for expense when traveling for the QCIG.


F. In the event that the RR is not able to participate in a Region IV Assembly meeting, the QCIG

Executive Committee shall designate an alternate.

G. If a Executive Committee member or RR wishes to resign from her/his position, a resignation

in writing should he submitted to the QCIG Executive Committee and forwarded to the


H. At any monthly meeting of the QCIG any QCIG Executive Committee member or RR may he

removed from office by a majority vote of all voting members present if that committee

member is deemed failing to fulfill the obligations and responsibilities of his/her position. Such


1. Return to compulsive overeating.

2. Not attending meetings of QCIG




The nomination and selection of persons tier the position of Intergroup Delegate to the World Service Business Conference will he made from members of (,)('I who meet the requirements of the World Service Business Conference Charter and bylaws.


  1. World Service Business Conference requires

1. Each Delegate should he elected life a term of two years,

2. Each Delegate in addition to attending the annual Conference should serve the World

Service Business ('deference throughout the two year term.

3. Each Delegate should he selected for judgment, experience, stability, willingness and

faithful adherence to the program of OA:

4. A Delegate should have a minimum of twelve (12) months current abstinence prior to

the date of submitting qualifications and continuing to the date of the annual World

Service Business Conference meeting and have two (2) years Service above the Local

Group level.

5. All delegate should be instructed as to the desires of the Intergroup which he/she


6. As a WSBC participant, a Delegate shall not he bound by the wishes of the Intergroup,

but should not vote against these wishes unless the situation arises at the annual meeting which makes it necessary for the best interests of OA as a whole.


     B.  In addition, the QCIG requires of all WSBC Delegates:

1. Each person is the sole judge of her/his abstinence and adhere to the OA program.

2. Two (2) years of service to OA beyond the Local Group meeting level:

3. Must be an IR or holding a Service Position in the (XI at the time of nomination:

4. An awareness of the possible time, expense and travel involved in service as a Delegate.


  1. Persons wishing to he nominated must apply, in writing to the QCIG Secretary,     summarizing required qualifications prior to or at the November QCIG meeting.

D. Applicants for nomination must present at a pre-designated meeting of the QCIG to respond to    questions regarding Delegate service.

E. A WSBC Delegate will be selected at a biennial election, by a majority vote, at a December QCIG meeting, from among previously determined qualified nominees. A special election may be scheduled to selected a Delegate if necessary.

F. The term of office will be two years from the date of election. A person may serve no ore

       than two consecutive full terms.

      G. If the WSBC Delegate wishes to resign from her/his position, a resignation in writing should be submitted to the QCIG and forwarded to the Secretary.

      H. A Delegate may be removed from office by a simple majority vote of all voting members

present at a QCIG meeting if that Delegate is deemed by the Intergroup as failing to fulfill the obligations and responsibilities of her/his position, such as:

1. A return to compulsive overeating.

2. Not attending meetings of the QCIG.

     I. If a Delegate resigns or is removed from office, the QCIG will schedule a special election as

        soon as possible.

     J. A person cannot serve concurrently as a WSBC Delegate and as a QCIG chairperson, Co-

Chairperson. Secretary or Treasurer. A person can serve concurrently as A WSBC Delegate and/or RR. the WSBC Bylaws suggested that the same person serve as both RR and WSBC Delegate, but does not require it.

     K. In the event, a duly elected WSBC Delegate cannot attend the annual meeting of the WSBC,          the QC Executive Committee shall designate an Alternate who meets the same qualifications as a regular Delegate, if one can he recruited.



The Chairperson shall appoint such committees as are deemed necessary by and for the QCIG.



The activities of the QCIG shall he financed primarily by the contributions of its affiliated Local

Groups and OA members for whom it serves.

  1. The QCI may accept donations from members of OA and OA Local Groups in accordance with the Twelve Traditions. 
  2. The acceptance of bequests and/or contributions from any outside sources is prohibited.

 C. The QCI shall not accept any responsibility for trusteeship or enter into the distribution or allocation of funds set up outside




Matters which relate to Major Policy affecting OA as a whole shall he referred to the OA World

Business Service Board of trustees.



A. The rules contained in the current edition of Robert's Rules of Orderly Newly Revised shall

govern the QCIG in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not

inconsistent with these Bylaws or any special rules of order the QCIG may adopt.

B. Emergency meetings may he called by any member who qualities under these Bylaws (Article

IV,) of the QCIG as deemed necessary



These Bylaws may be amended at anytime by a majority of IR, at a regular meeting of the QCIG

provided that a copy of the proposed amendment has been submitted to the QCIG Secretary at least 60 (sixty) days before the meeting at which the action will be taken on the amendment. Notice shall be given by the QCIG Secretary to each Local Intergroup IR and Executive Committee member, RR and WSB( Delegate at least four weeks prior to the date of the meeting.



No member of the Intergroup or member of any Local Group which is a member of the Intergroup and no officer or member of a committee or person connected with the Intergroup, or any other private individual shall receive at any time any earnings or pecuniary profit from the operations of the Intergroup; provided, that this shall not prevent the payment to any such person of such reasonable compensation for services rendered to or for the Intergroup effecting any of its purposes as shall be fixed by the Executive Committee: and no such person or persons shall he entitled to share in the distribution of any the assets upon the dissolution of the Intergroup.

All members of the Intergroup and all members of Local Groups which are members of the Intergroup  shall be deemed to have expressly consented and agreed that, upon such dissolution or winding up of the affairs of the Intergroup, whether voluntary or involuntary, the assets of the Intergroup. Then remaining in the hands of the QCIG, after all debts have been paid shall be delivered and paid over in such amounts as the Executive Committee may determine or as may be determined by a court of competent jurisdiction upon application of the QCIG exclusively to charitable, religious, scientific, literary, or educational organizations which would then qualify tinder the provisions of Section 501 (e)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and its regulations as they now exist or as they may hereafter be amended.


Revised NOVEMBER 2009 Approved FEBRUARY 2010


*Ammended:  Section III  March 9, 2013 

“QCIG will conduct regularly scheduled meetings at a time and place designated by the  QCIG 


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